Model contract facility management Version 2.0


The facility management industry is characterized by a wide variety of contracts and legal specifications. There is a lack of practical guidelines and helpful models for regulating contractual relationships between facility management clients and contractors. Individual “solutions”, imbalances with regard to the interests of the parties, and even contractual deficiencies are not uncommon. The consequences: small learning curves, weaknesses and gaps in the contract, mixing of legal regulations and service descriptions, misunderstandings and even avoidable disputes between the parties.

The Model contract facility management is designed for services during the operation and utilization phase as well as during the vacancy of buildings and offers support in regulating the awarding of services and the contractual relationship between the client and the service provider. The guide significantly supports the basic understanding required for contract negotiations and raises awareness of the issues. At the same time, it should serve to explain the essential regulations of model contract facility management and the rationale behind the respective proposed regulations.

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